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Plenty of beautiful plants thrive in dry conditions, permiculture principles and xeriscaping techniques can help you make the most of limited moisture. Converting all or part of  your lawn to regionally plantings with low water needs on drip irrigation will benefit wildlife and requires less maintenance. Create a gorgeous, water-saving yard with these drought-tolerant landscaping ideas.​


Habitat Gardening refers to the process of converting traditional landscape to those that attract and support native birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife. Habitat gardens  greatly benefit wildlife by providing food, shelter, water and nesting places for beneficials. They are typically characterized by a more natural and casual feel, and a diverse plant selection.


Edibles in the garden provide self reliance that not only feels good but is also good for you.  Is there anything better than harvesting home grown fruits and vegetables, we think not.  We are lucky to live in a temperate climate where you can grow edibles year round. Dedicating space in your garden to fruiting trees, vegetable-bearing plants, herbs and edible flowers deepens  your connection to nature and understanding of soil health and well-being.

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